13 Jul 2013

Just happened

100% no lie

Was just at a sandwich place outside work, chatting with a co-worker about an upcoming map project. Co-corker leaves. A guy in the sandwich place walks up to me, asks me if I make maps. I tell him yes, sort of, sometimes. He says he loves maps. I say, cool, me too. Then he says, You know what would be really cool is, a map of quiet places in New York. I say are you messing with me? He says no. I say, are you joking? He says no. I then tell him that in the last day or two the Times published THIS EXACT MAP. I then watched his mind get blown in slow motion.

The map in question is “Finding the Quiet City,” a nice collection of video snapshots and reader suggestions by Catherine Spangler, Josh Williams, Emily Rueb¬†and Jeremy White.


I had a journalism professor once say he knew he had written a good article when he overheard people talking about it in the supermarket. This seems sort of like that.